Experience the Extreme!


Accommodation at DECA WAKEBOARD PARK is not a problem. Guests can stay in studio rooms and budget beds located right next to the lake with free WiFi service, making it the best place to relax and unwind just before or after your day at the ramps.

    Our Studio Room is a private room offering all necessities that suit your needs. Moreover, its relaxing balcony overlooking the DECA (WAKEBOARD PARK) waterfront definitely makes your DECA WAKEBOARD PARK experience memorable—perfect for the whole family.
    Jump in and find comfort in one of DECA WAKEBOARD PARK’s Budget Bedrooms. Small quarters made for individuals who have limited budget yet equipped with conveniences to accommodate guests’ needs—perfect for daring souls who want to go solo.
    Daily: P500/Head (P500 Deposit)
    Monthly: P5000/Head (P1000 Deposit)
    *Rates include electricity and water.
    *Deposit is refundable upon return of the dorm key.
    *Non-refundable and non-transferable.
    *All are subject to change without prior notice.